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The Inventors Behind It And Its Future Scope!

According to Wikipedia, writing is basically the language expressed by using letters or symbols. If we take a look at the past, the originators were actually the cavemen who used their sticks to draw in the mud or even on the walls of the caves they lived in. It was their way of expression and we can still find certain caves as part of our heritage if we want to discover the roots and the way people used to express themselves way back then.

Many have debated that inscription first originated in China while some claim that it has its roots in Egypt. No matter who invented it first, the question remains, ‘What did it come into existence for?’ In its true essence, it came into existence for its benefits for those using it in a much complicated way later then. They had to device a much more practical and functional system where they can easily communicate their thoughts and needs with the others around. An inscription has been such a blessing to those who lacked the ability to communicate their basic needs effectively as well as efficiently.

With the advent of technology, the term has taken a whole new meaning as people now look at it from an entirely new perspective. Now eBooks have taken over the books that we used to get from the libraries. Reading is now limited merely to the terms like surfing and browsing etc. Even certain social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook can either alter or damage the lives of an individual within a matter of a few posts. Blogs have become a commonplace activity online. People often turn to a trusted search engine for all the answers that they need to satisfy their curiosity.

Being a published writer was not an easier task a couple of years back, but now anyone can have their eBook published online on various eBook websites after typing or even copying ideas from various books without giving the authors due credit. One can even start a blog and be conveniently called a blogger by sharing the ideas or feelings with the masses. You need not be trained professionally for your articles being published online since those writers usually don’t mention their educational or professional background whatsoever. It is pretty much evident that the trend of a written composition or article is diminishing with the passage of time as people are more bent on being tech savvy.